Gender in Astro Conferences: AAS 227

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If you will be at the upcoming AAS 227 meeting next week (#aas227), I could sure use your help!

We will be continuing the ongoing study of gender in conference talks vs questions, and We Need YOU to help collect data. This project gathers data using anonymous volunteer submissions, and casting a wide net is critical. The basic goals are to understand:

  1. Do Women/Men get asked the same number of questions during talks?
  2. Do Women/Men ask the same numbers of questions?
  3. If no to 1 or 2, are there other correlating factors that may suggest how to construct a more perfect conference environment?

For more details on this project, check out our report from AAS 223!

Web Form HERE!

Even if you won't be at AAS, I appreciate any retweets or Facebook posts you can contribute before or during the meeting! It's important to remind people every day to contribute, so I tend to pester them repeatedly (sorry!)

Bonus: If you'll be at the AAS hack day (#hackaas) we will once again be studying the results from this and previous years. I got sidetracked last year after AAS (sorry, had to finish getting PhD), so there's much to do!