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After my AAS 231 daily vlog series, there were lots of questions about how I produced these videos.

Since it may be interesting to some people, I shot a short "how to vlog" video. Check it out!

Of course, the real answer is: steal ideas from smarter people than myself! In particular, I learned a TON from my brother-in-law, whose vlog is here.

Daily Vlog at the AAS 231 Meeting!

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As I mentioned in my previous post, at AAS 231 this year I shot a vlog. The idea (and minimum goal for declaring "success") was to shoot a video about the Hack Together Day. I'm proud to say I beat that goal and

I shot and posted a VLOG about AAS 231 every day!

Topics discussed include:

  • science & astronomy
  • data visualization/sonification
  • conference swag & free food
  • conference experiences
  • self care
  • the hack day!

Here is the first video in that series, a short travel day vlog:

My favorite episode is probably the one from Day 4 on "Self Care", i.e. surviving the week-long marathon that these big meetings can be!

Here is the entire YouTube Playlist for your viewing pleasure.

This was my first time doing any youtube vlogging, and it was a ton of fun. People at AAS were very supportive and willing to give me their time to help make the project a success. I'd hoped, amongst other things, to show an "insiders" view of what it's like to attend this conference, and I think I did!

If you want to see what it's like to be at AAS, give these a watch!

Also, this project generated some excitement back home, so subscribe on Youtube for more videos in the coming weeks giving a view of what life as an astronomer is like.

Video: my AAS231 hack day project

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AAS 231 is less than a week away! I'm super excited, since it has been almost 2 years since I was at a AAS meeting. Longtime readers of this blog will know this is a meeting where I get lots of inspiration, and carry out new side-projects (e.g. the Gender in Astro Talks survey!)

This year is no different, and I will be doing a new Hack Day project: creating a AAS/Hack Day vlog!

As a long-time blogger, I know to not promise too much in terms of specific output (the best laid plans...), but my hope is to shoot several videos documenting what it's like to attend the worlds largest* annual astronomy meeting. Here is a short video explaining the project, and how you can help!

I'm hoping these videos will capture some of the synthesis moments, the conversations between scientists that give rise to new ideas and projects. I'll be documenting heavily the Hack Together Day itself, and trying to film conversations between myself and other astronomers throughout the week. If you're a junior scientist or student and have a poster and want me to help promote your work, I would love to chat! Hit me up!

Twitter Bonus: I'll also be running the AstroTweeps twitter account (@astrotweeps) during that week, so I'll be posting poster pics/live-tweets of talks, and insights into the meeting there!

Since this website has often focused on data visualization, I'll of course try to highlight awesome plots/graphics/maps, and especially animations I'm seeing.

See you all in DC at #AAS231 soon!

*largest annual meeting, probably not the largest single meeting