I discovered a mystery!

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This week's Astro Vlog is a research update, where I share the results from my most recent paper (worked on during the Gaia DR2 Sprint this spring!). Most interestingly, we expected this paper to be a quick update to a previous paper I wrote after Gaia DR1. Instead, it has opened up a potentially exciting new area of research!

You never know when a plot you've made 1000 times before will surprise you - that's why you always make it with new data, and continue to examine it closely!!

What's in an astronomer's tech bag?

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A traditional tech video that I've always enjoyed is the "what's in my bag?" series. It celebrates technology, travel, lifestyle, design... but also (for me) is a productivity motivator. These videos to me fall under the "work style" genre - showcasing how people spend their time, organize their lives & workflows, set up their work & creative spaces, and - yes - what they carry in their backpacks each day.

So here I am proud to present my take on this classic YouTube video form: What is in an astronomer's tech bag? 2018 ASTRO VLOG edition!

Honestly I don't carry that much stuff, and I rely on only a few computers/gadgets to do my work. Mark my words:
when it comes to productivity & creativity, less is more

Going LIVE (on Instagram)

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Last week I did a 1-hour "IG Live" interview with @SpaceFactsWax, an Instagram space fan page run by Jonathan Wax. We talked about a wide range of things, from how I became an astronomer, to NASA's Kepler and TESS missions, to recommendations for scifi (Apollo 13 FTW!). This week's Astro Vlog features a couple highlights from that chat.

 To watch the full video, head over to Instagram!