How I got scooped...

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Here's a short story about how I got scooped after I defended my PhD thesis. It's a lesson in why you should publish early/often - even before you "publish" your paper!

Video Short: My Favorite Star

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Spoiler: it's GJ 1243. No surprise, since this is the flare star I spent over 2 years studying for my PhD thesis!!

Video Short: have a life outside of work!

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I don't subscribe to the "work 80 hours a week" thing... instead I like to go home at nigh!

write write write...

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For the next couple weeks my big push is to write an NSF proposal. These grants are not easy to get (maybe 1 in 10 are selected)

Speaking at the GeekWire Summit

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Last week I was invited to give an updated version of a talk that started out right here on my blog: The United States of Starbucks.

Six years later, I look back on this blog and particularly that blog post as a turning point for myself creatively and scientifically. It was the first real press I received for my work, and affirmation of my creative explorations of data.

This week's Astro Vlog discusses a bit of that history, and shows some scenes from the 2018 GeekWire Summit where I gave the updated talk:

And you can see my updated United States of Starbucks talk online now!

13 Hours

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I did the 1-day-wonder trip: down to CA and back on the same day. A bit brutal on the sleeping schedule, but a great way to pop in and visit friends and colleagues at NASA Ames!

I was hanging out with folks in the Kepler/K2 office, unknowingly during one (what appears to be) of the final weeks of regular operations for the K2 observing campaign. Of course, science from this amazing platform is going to continue to be produced for next decade, so it was a real treat to get to sit in on an operations phone-con to see how each campaign of K2 is scheduled!