Video: Top 5 Best & Worst things about astronomy

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4 Minutes of my PhD

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3 years ago today I defended my PhD.

To celebrate this milestone, here is the first 4 minutes of my PhD defense, where I tell a classical story of the Carrington Flare (aka Solar Storm) of 1859.

Of course, I posted about my defense on this blog in 2015, and you can find a full version of the talk here (but without the slide overlays). I'll try to update this video with the slide overlays and upload to YouTube someday...

Kepler takes a nap

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Today we got an email saying that NASA's amazing Kepler telescope, which I have used as the backbone of my research since at least 2013, was put into a "nap mode". The concern is a dropping fuel level, which you can read about here. This is likely the beginning of the end for the observational portion of the mission - though the science impact will continue to grow for the next decade!

Here's a short video with some thoughts on this mission and how it has changed my life!