"Quantified Self" Art Show

The banner for Quantified Self at the Gallery Project.
Fun & self serving news, everyone! A piece of mine (that's fancy talk for some art stuff I made) will be shown at The Gallery Project in Ann Arbor, MI this month!!! I'm super excited, and have never really participated in something like this before. I also found out that the show includes work by the data visualization master, at whose feet we all study, Edward Tufte! As part of my excitement about this event, the banner image for If We Assume will be a version of my piece, for the next month at least.

The piece is called "Capacity", is a medium/large sized print, and is showing in an exhibit called "The Quantified Self". The whole show is an examination of self at the crossroads of data, reflection, and art.  Here is a preview of my piece, Capacity. 
It was derived from the post I wrote, Laptop Battery Lifetime, on the capacity of my battery and reflection on my computer usage. 

Unfortunately due to grad-school budget I cannot attend the opening (Aug 30th), but if anyone you know is in Ann Arbor, tell them to get down to Gallery Project and check my piece out! Quantified Self runs from Aug 30 to Oct 7.

Someone told me they thought Capacity looked like a skyline, so here it is with some simple shading added in GIMP.

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