1 Year of Blogging

Today I felt rather proud: my blog turned one year old! The first post was mostly a placeholder, something to get the ball rolling. In it I posed the question: how long does the typical blog last? I still think this would be an interesting problem to gather data on... anyone have a good source of data?

So far If We Assume is a roaring success in my eyes. I've managed to publish about 4 posts per month on average, I've had some notable pickups/press, met some fascinating people, and I feel my blog traffic has been quite good!
A year of traffic on ifweassume.com
The blog itself has changed, grown, and shifted focus. I think it's fascinating to look back at my earlier posts, seeing what worked, what didn't. I definitely wonder: what will my blog look like in a year? What will I be writing about? I'd like to do some more astronomy related posts, and I thoroughly enjoy having guest posts on my blog.

Thanks to so many people for all the awesome conversations, ideas, support, and opportunities! I know Year 2 will be even more exciting!!!

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