Quick Poll: Gender of White House Visitors

Here's an informal survey I'm taking...
What do you think the gender distribution of visitors to the White House is?

I've been playing with the 3 million row visitor record database that the Obama administration released. A full post with the answer, and the details of how I came to it, is forthcoming. I thought it would be neat to ask what result people expect!

Direct link to survey


  1. Cool! I didn't see gender info in the db. Are you cross-referencing the names with another source?

    1. Yup, cross referencing indeed! Tune back in next week for the answer! =)

  2. Erm... I think the options to answer your questions have a mistake: for a 10% change in the distribution of male vs. female visitors, ranging from 0% to 100% female/male fraction, you'd need eleven options, not ten; so, in this 10-options arrangement, we don't know if we start with 100% male and end in 10% male and 90% female or viceversa, and a 50/50 split could be either option 5 or 6.
    I Hope this is helpful and I'm explaining myself.


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