What's Trending in Astronomy - #AAS223

Once again it's time to play Astronomy, the Gathering, as the 223rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society is in full swing.

Here is a word cloud I created, using the entire science abstract book. I've shown the 250 top used words (excluding numbers). I always enjoy making this diagram, silly though it may be. Many of the most used words you see are "mechanics": affiliations, days of presentation, etc. You can zoom in and get a sense for what the hot topics are currently in Astronomy.

Some other fun things jump out.  A few names are evident (e.g. David and John). You also can quickly see the two powerhouse states for doing astronomy (or at least for presenting at AAS): CA and MD.
Click image for full resolution version

Have fun, dear astronomers! Enjoy talking about Kepler, galaxies, and stars... and if you're so inclined, help me gather data for my project on gender in talks!!

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