Daily Vlog at the AAS 231 Meeting!

As I mentioned in my previous post, at AAS 231 this year I shot a vlog. The idea (and minimum goal for declaring "success") was to shoot a video about the Hack Together Day. I'm proud to say I beat that goal and

I shot and posted a VLOG about AAS 231 every day!

Topics discussed include:

  • science & astronomy
  • data visualization/sonification
  • conference swag & free food
  • conference experiences
  • self care
  • the hack day!

Here is the first video in that series, a short travel day vlog:

My favorite episode is probably the one from Day 4 on "Self Care", i.e. surviving the week-long marathon that these big meetings can be!

Here is the entire YouTube Playlist for your viewing pleasure.

This was my first time doing any youtube vlogging, and it was a ton of fun. People at AAS were very supportive and willing to give me their time to help make the project a success. I'd hoped, amongst other things, to show an "insiders" view of what it's like to attend this conference, and I think I did!

If you want to see what it's like to be at AAS, give these a watch!

Also, this project generated some excitement back home, so subscribe on Youtube for more videos in the coming weeks giving a view of what life as an astronomer is like.

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