Video: Full Lecture: Tabby's Star, the most mysterious star in the Universe!

I gave a University seminar lecture a few months ago on (I think) perhaps the most amazing discovery from the Kepler mission: Tabby's Star. Here is the full lecture, enjoy!

This undergraduate course, Earth & Space Sciences (ESS) 495, is taught every year and features lectures from scientists across the university working on various earth/space/spaceflight/astrophysics research topics. Students from all majors can get a taste for current cutting edge science topics of research going on throughout the University of Washington - neat!

KIC 8462852, aka Tabby's Star, aka Boyajian's Star

Prof. Tabetha Boyajian's TED Talk on this star

NASA's Kepler Mission Science Center
NASA Kepler on YouTube

MUSIC: David Miner 
Created LIVE on his Twitch Stream

Nikon D7500
Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8
Nikon 70-300mm AF-P VR
Takstar SGC-598

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