A Short Survey

Hey, would you like to help me out some? I'm conducting a survey about our perceptions of race in America, and how they relate to the "real data" (the 2010 US Census). It's short, only takes about 60 seconds!

While this isn't Astronomy related, I think it fits nicely in my overall curiosity about the world (academic creativity, one of my mentors recently called it). The primary question I'm trying to answer is simple: Do people have an accurate understanding about the racial composition around them?

This was borne out of hearing a lot of people say (e.g. in Seattle) "gosh there are so many asians in Seattle"... or similar such pig-headed declarations.

The racial composition of a city is fascinating on its own: here's some quick data on Seattle, for example, and an awesome map. Whatever your feelings/standing on race in America is, you can't deny it's a fascinating and rich field of study!

But I'm really interested in using data to do more than just "butterfly collecting", but rather to understand how we think about ourselves and each other. It's all very meta and philosophical, and plays in to my notions about science and the/my future in astronomy, and I'd love to tell you more about it!

So check my website in the near future for updates on this project, or follow me via email/rss/twitter/facebook/etc. In the mean time: TAKE MY SURVEY!


After just over a day of the survey being online, we've got about 75 responses! I'll be keeping it online for a while, with the hopes of getting well in to triple (or maybe even quadruple) digits. In the mean time, check out the map of respondents!

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