North Dakota and Maine: Where's the Love?!

Image generated by Google Analytics

As of thursday this blog has passed 10,000 page loads, and I'm super excited that people seem to be reading it! My friend Alex said that I'm a "huge data nerd", a great compliment I'd say, and I hope my blog reflects this. Like any data nerd who runs a blog I have many analytic tools that track visitors, page loads, visit duration, etc.

Flipping through the report on Google Analytics, I was excited to see I had received visitors from every State in the Union... except two! I understand that WA has +99% of the page loads, since I've promoted my content in places like r/seattle and on Facebook. But what gives with ND and ME?? Apparently my content is least interesting to them...

To be fair, I've never been to either state. So I'm taking this opportunity to learn a bit about them! As Cliff Clavin might say "here's a little known fact...". Did you know...


  1. I should say: since I made this figure I did get 1 hit from Maine! The ball is in your court, North Dakota

  2. Awesome! Today, more than a week after this posting, I have one visitor from North Dakota. My OCD can now relax...


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