Washing Pants, by the Numbers

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Last week I asked a simple 3 question survey about washing frequency of pants... specifically: in your opinion how long can pants be worn before needing washing? This is a question I thought up a while back when reading about a kid who wore his jeans for 15 months (crazy!). So finally I did the responsible thing and gathered data! You know, for science...

I wanted to keep the survey short and sweet, and submitted it to about a half dozen subreddits, my facebook, and my twitter feeds. I'm sure there's all manner of other variables that would have been interested to study this against (e.g. jeans versus slacks, as many pointed out), but I felt keeping it short would provide an easier survey and yield a higher response rate.  Here is a screen shot of the survey:

The Respondents

There were 832 individual submissions to my survey: 289 male, 543 female. Below is a (rather pointless) bar chart depicting these two numbers. This figure is only marginally better than a pie chart. 
Male versus Female respondents

Next is the distribution of ages in my survey. This is a more appropriate use for a bar chart, as a table would be slower for people to visually ingest.
Age of respondents
(grey = entire sample, pink = females, blue = males)

The Results

Here are the primary results from the survey! Drum roll please.....

  1. Most people will wear their pants for 4-7 days before washing them.
  2. Women appear to wash them slightly more frequently than men.
  3. Almost nobody washes their pants after 1 day of wearing

How many days can you wear pants before they need washing?
(grey = entire sample, pink = females, blue = males)

A secondary result, when combining the age and washing frequency, is this fancy grid where color = the number of responses at each frequency & age. I've put the average washing frequency at each age bin in orange. I wouldn't put too much stock in this line (especially the youngest bin since it has so few people), but it certainly suggests that as you get older, you wash your pants more frequently!
Many thanks to everyone who took the survey!!!

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  1. The folks under 18the may not be doing their own laundry and their wearing cycle may be dictated by someone in the older category.


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