The Reddit Effect - II

Today I'll share a couple observations about web traffic. Take from it what you will.

Below are two charts/tables, directly taken from my "dashboard". The first lists my Top 10 Articles, ranked by total numbers of pageviews. This shows a smooth exponential-ish distribution, not too heavy on any single article.

(apropos: I really like the built-in stats tools with Blogger!)

The second chart lists the Top 10 Traffic Sources for this site. The traffic from Reddit is more than double that of all other sources combinedWOW! 

This isn't to say that Reddit is the best place to advertise your work. It can go largely unnoticed if you don't participate in the Reddit community, and getting traction within any social news aggregator is often a subtle game. However, your potential exposure can be much higher than places like Facebook.

These stats also don't account for external exposure. For example, I'd wager more than 865 people read Huffington Post's coverage of my Starbucks post.

My intuition is that I need to diversify my readership sources some, that Reddit doesn't necessarily create a stable base (for a host of reasons). But I'm making this whole blog thing up as I'm going, just trying to do my best, so who's to say what's "best"?

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