Project: Gender in Conference Talks #AAS225

For anyone who will be attending the upcoming AAS 225 meeting next week in Seattle, WA, I want to give you a heads up to help participate in a study I will be conducting!

This is a follow-up to last year's pilot study I organized on gender in astronomy talks. I asked conference attendees to record the gender of the speakers and the questioners for every talk they attended, hoping to answer simple questions like: Do women get asked more questions by men or women? This unique and ongoing study is the first of its kind for Astronomy (that I'm aware of), and will hopefully help determine best practices for conducting meetings and talks to promote inclusiveness and interaction by all.

Our report from AAS 223 is here!

The study was also conducted at NAM 2014, and they wrote a very fine report about it here!

This year I'll be gathering data again using a simple web form that should work on computer/iPhone/etc. The goal is to make adding data painless while listening to the talks. We hope to get data on 100% of the talks this year, and will need help from as many people as possible.

Please help spread the word about the study, and contact me with questions/comments via Twitter or my website.

See you at #AAS225!

Survey is here!

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