iPhone thickness over time

Yesterday Apple announced the new, super-duper thin MacBook. Thinness has been a metric of some obsession for the past 5 years for Apple (and many other companies), both in the notebook and mobile phone product lines. Perhaps it mirrors our society's anxiety about body image...

For me, a thin phone makes carrying the device constantly much more comfortable. (Massive screen size is not a big selling point for me) So I was curious, how has the iPhone shrunk since it's conception in 2007?

The figure above shows a nice steady trend towards thin... Using a linear extrapolation to this data, we can expect that sometime in 2023 Apple will announce an iPhone with a thickness of 0mm. That will be 16 years after the introduction of the device, so I project the product name will be approximately iPhone 17.

You heard it here first, folks!


  1. Put a different way, the density is increasing a little per year, at y=90.974x+1595.2 kg/m^3.

    A stellar black hole's mass is about 6x10^18 kg/m^3. So since fortunately we have 6.6x10^16 years before an iPhone turns into a black hole, we can assume that the zero thickness iPhone will also be massless.


  2. Well, at least I won't be around then!


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