Video: Tea and Procrastination

I've posted a new Astro Vlog, this time introducing a new segment: Coffee Time! (we're drinking tea today... but that's OK, we're beverage agnostic here!)

These are intended to be short conversations with interesting people I get to visit with.

Today I'm chatting with my colleague, fellow DIRAC Fellow, Daniela Huppenkothen. We're talking about tea, workflow, and procrastination. This is a serious topic for "knowledge workers", who have to be self-motivated to write or produce their content.

In astronomy, especially in the early years of our careers, daily schedules can be very unstructured. I typically don't teach, and I try to keep very few weekly meetings or phone-cons scheduled. Also I travel a lot, which makes me an unreliable officemate at times.

At the same time, many projects take several years to complete! (Though I've been convinced for many years this doesn't need to be our normal workflow - thus my involvement in HackDays/Weeks, etc) Procrastination naturally arises from this environment of slow, complex work with little structure. AND THAT IS OK! Junior people, listen to the wisdom of Daniela: you do not need to be a productivity machine!

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